Mid-twenties, poor, from rural Arkansas. Her central conflict stems from her situation: being hunted by the law for murder while living with a terminal disease that promises to kill her within a matter of months. Her main motive is to do right by her six-year old daughter Angela whom she firmly believes will grow up to be a savior of sorts. Jayla has already murdered Angela’s father—a meth dealer who spent time in jail for sexual assault of a minor and who Jayla believes represented a threat to Angela. Now, with nothing to lose, Jayla wants to be frozen dead so she can be reunited with her daughter sometime in the future. Whereas at first we suspect she may be trying to manipulate Ice, she seems to fall for him as they begin a relationship during the month she is in Ned. It’s difficult to tell whether she genuinely falls in love with Ice or whether she mainly wants to manipulate him into performing the cryogenics procedure. She is cunning and calculating, for sure, but she also maintains an endearing, heroic quality of selflessness and courage.

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