Lamar – Kevin Durkin – A middle-aged, street-wise, somewhat jaded FBI agent who is part Lakota native American.  We are initially introduced to him through the various technologies he uses to track the mother’s journey west to Colorado: spying software that allows remote observation of her cell phone position in real time on a map, surveillance video of the mother boarding a bus in Denver, etc.  Lamar will go undercover in Ned, trying to find the whereabouts of the mother—the prime suspect in her ex-boyfriend’s shooting death.  He ends up spending a lot of time at the bar, trying to learn as much as he can, getting into a number of interesting conversations about all kinds of political and philosophical topics.

For all his hardboiled detective background, Lamar is intelligent enough to entertain different points of view regarding law enforcement, the moral ambiguity of what he does, and the fact that there are times when a person’s conscience should overrule strict adherence to the law.  At some point, he is going to be faced with a moral dilemma based on what he finds in Ned.