Ice – Bryten Felix – He is a handsome, somewhat absent-minded physicist in his late twenties who gets paid to maintain Grandpa’s frozen body with regular supplies of dry ice.  He has been in and out of graduate school, trying to earn his Ph.D., though it seems unlikely he ever will.  He is especially interested in theoretical physics and astronomy.  He knows the science behind cryonics.  He’s an excellent telemark skier and spends a lot of time in the backcountry.  An abstract thinker, he doesn’t always keep a consistent line of thought and sometimes gets off-point in conversation.  

At first, he says no to Randal’s offer to become partners in an illicit cryogenics business.  Ice doesn’t really think about the ethical and moral issues involved—this is not his strength.  He’s more worried about doing something illegal and getting caught—all of which would disrupt his rather aimless, unambitious lifestyle.  Gradually, though, a number of things fall into place that bring him around to Randal’s plan, not the least of which is the fact that he falls for the young mother.  This motivates him to want to see that her wishes are met.  He fancies himself a chivalrous figure who will play the role of surrogate father to Angel.  All of this gives him a romantic, albeit misguided sense of purpose.