Randal – Tom Borillo – A draft dodger during the Vietnam War, he lived in the woods outside of Nederland in the late sixties.  He became a major marijuana dealer before selling coke in the late seventies and into the eighties.  He is likable, even charming at times.  He can be a fast talker, good at persuasion and making deals. Randal has the sixties rebellious spirit in that he categorically rejects authority.  He is quick to argue that the system is rigged, that the American political economy is controlled and dominated by the super wealthy, and that elected officials simply do the bidding of the power elite.  This is his justification to operate outside the law.  He’s a hustler, motivated by money to the point that we don’t always know if he’s trustworthy or if he’ll do the right thing.  To his credit, he believes strongly in keeping money local and out of the hands of the government and banks.  Is he heroic—someone who thinks for himself and acts outside the law for principled reasons—or is he just sleazy?  He has long gray hair pulled back in a ponytail.