Jayla – Jessican Nunes-Wood – In her early twenties, Jayla has been told she has a terminal disease with only a few months to live. She is “white trash” poor from Arkansas where, until recently, she lived in a trailer with her three-year old daughter Angel.

Her ex-boyfriend (Angel’s father) has been shot dead in his meth house. The FBI believes the killer is someone he knew because there were no signs of forced entry, and a large sum of cash was taken from the house. The ex-boyfriend spent two years in jail for aggravated sexual assault involving a minor as well as for dealing meth. He regularly beat Jayla when they were together. “A real prince charming,” Lamar will say to himself while reading the file.

Before the shooting, Angel’s father had shown an interest in taking Angel, causing Jayla to fear for her child’s safety. So she hatched a plan. She knew she had an Aunt Darcy living in a Colorado mountain town where, she believed, they froze people to be revived later after a cure had been found for their disease. She “knew” this based on a television news story she saw about Frozen Dead Guy Days and what her own mother had told her about Darcy. So she decided to kill Angel’s father and steal his money to pay for the bus fare and cryogenic procedure.

Jayla’s situation is dire, her options limited. A fugitive from the law with only a month to live, she is determined to do whatever she can for Angel, no matter the cost.