Late twenties, perhaps thirty. Unassuming and likable. He is the adopted son of Ole Granddad, soon to inherit their ranch outside of Ned. Ice is the caretaker of the frozen body at the Tuff Shed, paid to resupply the dry ice. He can fix anything with his hands and is talented in a lot of things (music, telemark skiing, flyfishing) without being exceptional in any one of them. He is smart and intellectually curious, having dropped out of graduate school. When Jayla appears, pleading with him to freeze her dead, Ice’s world is turned upside down. He immediately is attracted to her and imagines he could be the surrogate father for her child Angela. The ranch is in financial trouble, and he will have to come up with a lot of money to save it once Ole Granddad dies. Against his better judgment, he agrees to perform the cryogenics procedure.