Frozen Dead is auditioning actors. Look at the roles listed below and if you think you can bring one of these characters to life, let us know.

We will be holding auditions February 27th at The Backdoor Theater in Nederland. Additional auditions will be scheduled by appointment in Denver and Boulder.

NOTE: Actors will receive a lump-sum payment and royalties when the series is licensed by a broadcaster. Payment during production may be possible if suitable investors are found but actors should audition understanding that this is a speculative venture.

Please send us the following by email:

  • Head shot
  • Resume
  • Link audition video on YouTube
  • Link to performances and reviews.

If you have any questions, please call us at (720) 588-9001



He is a handsome, somewhat absent-minded physicist in his late twenties who gets paid to maintain Grandpa’s frozen body with regular supplies of dry ice.  He has been in and out of ice125graduate school, trying to earn his Ph.D., though it seems unlikely he ever will.  He is especially interested in theoretical physics and astronomy.  He knows the science behind cryonics.  He’s an excellent telemark skier and spends a lot of time in the backcountry.  An abstract thinker, he doesn’t always keep a consistent line of thought and sometimes gets off-point in conversation.  

At first, he says no to Randal’s offer to become partners in an illicit cryogenics business.  Ice doesn’t really think about the ethical and moral issues involved—this is not his strength.  He’s more worried about doing something illegal and getting caught—all of which would disrupt his rather aimless, unambitious lifestyle.  Gradually, though, a number of things fall into place that bring him around to Randal’s plan, not the least of which is the fact that he falls for the young mother.  This motivates him to want to see that her wishes are met.  He fancies himself a chivalrous figure who will play the role of surrogate father to Angel.  All of this gives him a romantic, albeit misguided sense of purpose. DOWNLOAD SIDE


Shaman, herbalist and community healer, Darcy operates an apothecary in 

Darcy125Nederland.  Single. Thirty something.  Has a greenhouse and forages for 
mushrooms and native herbs. She has a tremendous knowledge of plants—their 
properties and ecology.  She espouses a philosophy of holistic healing based on native 
medicinal plants and is outspoken about medicinal marijuana, Big Pharma, and the U.S. 
Government’s war on drugs. When her niece arrives from Arkansas, she watches after 
both mother and child.  As a shaman, she will undertake a healing ceremony with her 
niece.  She is keenly aware of the challenges faced by women in a patriarchal society.  At 
one point, she will say to Briggs: “Women don’t have the choices in this world that men 
do.”  Darcy will be instrumental in presenting an alternative, more spiritual and shamanic 
view of death, as she heals the mother and reassures Angel. DOWNLOAD SIDE


A middle-aged, street-wise, somewhat jaded FBI agent.  We are initially introduced to him through the various technologies he uses to track the mother’s journey west to Colorado: lamar125spying software that allows remote observation of her cell phone position in real time on a map, surveillance video of the mother boarding a bus in Denver, etc.  Lamar will go undercover in Ned, trying to find the whereabouts of the mother—the prime suspect in her ex-boyfriend’s shooting death.  He ends up spending a lot of time at the bar, trying to learn as much as he can, getting into a number of interesting conversations about all kinds of political and philosophical topics.

For all his hardboiled detective background, Lamar is intelligent enough to entertain different points of view regarding law enforcement, the moral ambiguity of what he does, and the fact that there are times when a person’s conscience should overrule strict adherence to the law.  At some point, he is going to be faced with a moral dilemma based on what he finds in Ned. DOWNLOAD SIDE


Jayla – In her early twenties, Jayla has been told she has a terminal disease with only a few months to live. She is “white trash” poor from Arkansas where, until recently, she lived in a trailer with her three-year old daughter Angel.
Her ex-boyfriend (Angel’s father) has been shot dead in his meth house. The FBI believes the killer is someone he knew because there were no signs of forced entry, and a large sum of cash was taken from the house. The ex-boyfriend spent two years in jail for aggravated sexual assault involving a minor as well as for dealing meth. He regularly beat Jayla when they were together. “A real prince charming,” Lamar will say to himself while reading the file.

Before the shooting, Angel’s father had shown an interest in taking Angel, causing Jayla to fear for her child’s safety. So she hatched a plan. She knew she had an Aunt Darcy living in a Colorado mountain town where, she believed, they froze people to be revived later after a cure had been found for their disease. She “knew” this based on a television news story she saw about Frozen Dead Guy Days and what her own mother had told her about Darcy. So she decided to kill Angel’s father and steal his money to pay for the bus fare and cryogenic procedure.

Jayla’s situation is dire, her options limited. A fugitive from the law with only a month to live, she is determined to do whatever she can for Angel, no matter the cost.   DOWNLOAD SIDE

Randal Dupree

A draft dodger during the Vietnam War, he lived in the woods outside of Nederland in the late sixties.  He became a major marijuana dealer before selling coke in the late seventies and Randal125into the eighties.  He is likable, even charming at times.  He can be a fast talker, good at persuasion and making deals. Randal has the sixties rebellious spirit in that he categorically rejects authority.  He is quick to argue that the system is rigged, that the American political economy is controlled and dominated by the super wealthy, and that elected officials simply do the bidding of the power elite.  This is his justification to operate outside the law.  He’s a hustler, motivated by money to the point that we don’t always know if he’s trustworthy or if he’ll do the right thing.  To his credit, he believes strongly in keeping money local and out of the hands of the government and banks.  Is he heroic—someone who thinks for himself and acts outside the law for principled reasons—or is he just sleazy?  He has long gray hair pulled back in a ponytail. DOWNLOAD SIDE


A young schizophrenic in her twenties who usually insists on being the tallest person in the room.  She sits on a high stool in the bar but will scurry to a higher seat Briggs has built for her sister125along the wall, if the situation calls for it.  She lives with Briggs at his house.  She listens carefully to conversations at the bar and will speak at key points in the discussion, often describing historically-accurate government atrocities (CIA assassinations, false-flag operations, FBI misdeeds at Pine Ridge, etc.) before veering off into utter nonsense.  She’s been diagnosed as a mid-level delusional paranoid.  Her own history remains a mystery.  Briggs looks after her because she’s helpless otherwise. DOWNLOAD SIDE


Angel125-redA young girl, somewhere between 4 and 10. Angela’s mother Jayla has already killed Angela’s father. Jayla herself will soon be frozen dead, leaving Angela alone with her great aunt Darcy. Angela doesn’t have a speaking part in the pilot, but she will develop as an important character in future episodes. DOWNLOAD SIDE



An old rancher who has lived his whole life on a ranch west of Nederland. After a fire at the ranch killed his wife and only son, Granddad adopted Ice from an orphanage to help out on the ranch. Granddad is pushing 100 years-old. He lies dying on his deathbed, passing in and out of consciousness. The following narration represents his thoughts and reflections as he’s dying. There will be future episodes in the series that will go back in time to show scenes from earlier in Granddad’s life. DOWNLOAD SIDE


Audition at The Backdoor Theater on February 27th.